~ Our Policies ~


Growing Garden Day Care has a range of policies, and
all parents are required to read these and agree to
them in writing.
Activities and Procedures

Our main emphasis of learning will be through play but
children will be taught to enjoy arts and crafts, early maths,
science, language and physical development. All children are
offered equal opportunities in an atmosphere that reflects a
balanced and coherent, progressive model of planned
learning. Our Day Care works towards the Early Learning
Goals as defined by the Qualifications and Curriculum
Health & Safety

Health & Safety is of utmost importance and our Policy is
being inspected by California Department of Social Services on
a regular bases. We reserve the right to maintain records on
your child and you may ask to view these at any reasonable
time. Records will be kept secure and confidential but may be
disclosed to California Department of Social Services.
Meals and Snacks, Special Dietary needs

Children with allergies to specific foods or ingredients will be
catered for but in some cases it may be necessary for us to
require that you provide the Childs meals. There is a
scheduled meal time in the morning, afternoon and evening.
Careful consideration is given to what snacks should be given
to the children. A daily meal menu will be posted on the board
daily. Milk and Juice are the beverages served but water is
always available to the children throughout the day. Bottles
of formula milk for babies must be made up and labelled.
These will be refrigerated. Drinks will be available at all times.
Administering of Medication

Full details must be given in advance with a signed and dated
request if our staff is to administer any medication. Details
required will include name of medicine, dosage and times with
any special instructions. Our programm of activities for your
child will be based on respect as an individual as well as the
group. This important period of their lives lays the foundation
for the future and we work to create a balance between
stimulus, rest and sleep.
Arrangements when a child is ill

If your child becomes ill or unduly distressed during
Day Care Hours, we will endeavour to contact a
parent of the child so that arrangements can be made
for early pick up. In the interests of other children and
staff it will be necessary to exclude any child who has
been diagnosed with certain contagious illnesses and

Diapers and wipes must be provided for your child.
Toilet training will so far as possible be handled in
accordance with your specific requests and
according to the developmental needs of the
individual child.
Procedure for Picking Up the Children

Children will be released only to the adults listed on the
Consent form previously provided by you. Release to
any other adult may occur with a written authorisation
signed and dated by you, or by direct communication
with the Day Care Manager. Identification may be
requested at any time.
Spare Clothing and Footwear

You are required to supply a spare set of
clothing for your child and a pair of shoose.
All items must be clearly marked with the
childs name.
Sun Awareness

In order to assist the Day Care to protect children
from the sun, parents should provide a sun hat for
use during Day Care hours. Children will be
expected to wear this hat when outside in the
sunshine. Play activities are monitored to ensure
children have periods of time in areas of shade so
as to prevent them from being overheated or
dehydrated. Sun block will be applied if a written
request has been received.
Care & Discipline

Each and every child will be treated as an individual.
A keyworker is allocated to each child whose
responsibility it is to closely monitor your childs
progress and welfare. In cases of 'anti social'
behaviour, staff will endeavour to explain why such
behaviour is unacceptable. The staff will use only
positive guidance, redirection and the setting of
clear-cut boundaries that will enable the child to
become self-disciplined. Our aim is to encourage the
children to be fair, respect property, respect others
and to be responsible for their own actions.
Discipline and guidance shall be consistent and
based on an understanding of the individual needs
and development of your child.
Administering of First Aid & CPR

All staff hold a Basic First Aid Certificate, and have
received instruction specifically covering the administering
of first aid to infants and children. On-going training is in
place. All accidents are entered in the Accident Report and
will be signed by both a member of staff and
counter-signed by the person collecting the child.
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